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Bar stool collections

A collection of bar stools.

Experts in Barstools

At Shawcross we are dedicated to sourcing high quality furniture at affordable prices. Flagship in our collection are our velvet and knocker backed bar stools, with many style options available to help you perfectly design your dining room. We created these FAQs to help answer some of our most commonly asked questions, and if you need more support please call our team on 0161-222-0360, or email us and we'll respond as soon as possible.

Barstool FAQs

How do I care for my bar stools?

Velvet bar stools benefit from some care and attention, and if correctly maintained you will find the lifespan of your stools improves considerably. We share our top tips below, and you can also learn more in our care guide.

  • Maintenance: Vacuum and brush your velvet bar stools regularly with a special upholstery attachment, or use a soft hand brush once a week
  • Cleaning: Avoid rubbing any stains on velvet as doing so may damage the weave. Instead gently blot the area of your bar stool with a dry cloth.
  • Removing stains: A steamer is perfect for cleaning your velvet bar stools. Remember to use the steamer in the opposite direction to the pile, and use the lowest temperature setting.

What are my styling options?

Our bar stools come in many design options, including:

  • Chair type: Bucket? High backed? Depending on your style and comfort preferences you will find you prefer certain types of stool. Browse our collection for inspiration.
  • Design type: Our flagship collection includes the Vogue, Bentley, and Chelsea collections. Contact our experts if you would like specifica design advice.
  • Fabric type: As specialists in velvet fabrics, we’re huge fans of the material for our bar stools. Our range features a collection of beautiful colours to match your home decor.
  • Decoration: Do you prefer a quilted back, or a button back? A knocker can add an extra dimension to your design, be it a circular knocker, lion knocker or buckle clasp.