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Denver Dining Sets

A collection of all Denver Dining Sets

Experts in dining sets

At Shawcross we are dedicated to sourcing high quality dining sets at affordable prices. Dining sets are a flagship in our collection with options including stunning glass and marble designs. Our dining chairs, in particular, come with many style options to help you perfectly design your dining room. We created these FAQs to help answer some of our most commonly asked questions, and if you need more support please call our team on 0161-222-0360, or email us and we'll respond as soon as possible.


Dining set FAQs


How do I care for my dining set?

Different materials require different levels of care and attention, and your dining set will benefit from TLC. If correctly maintained you will find the lifespan of your set improves considerably. Find our care top tips below. If you have opted for velvet dining chairs, you can see more in our care guide.

  • Cleaning: Marble should be cleaned with non-abrasive cloths and non-acidic detergents. Glass is easier to care for: surface stains can be removed with a mild detergent, and buffed to a shine with a dry cotton cloth.
  • Removing stains: Organic stains like coffee can usually be lifted from marble by placing a bleach soaked paper towel on the spot for 24 hours. Oil and grease stains are best removed by combining baking soda and acetone, and letting the paste sit on the stain for 24 hours. Cleaning with this method will require reapplication of a sealant.

What are my styling options?

Our dining sets come in many design options, including:

  • Table shape: available in rectangular, square, and circular options, our dining tables can fit any space. We even offer 2 metre length dining tables.
  • Leg design: whether you’re looking for a traditional 4 leg table, or a more stylized central leg, our collection has a design for every interior.

Chair combination: Your dining chairs will hugely change the aesthetic of your dining set. We love the combination of marble tables with velvet chairs, and we can accommodate any of your personal preferences.