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Round Dining Sets

Explore Shawcross's round dining sets for a harmonious, sociable dining experience. Perfect for cosy gatherings, these sets offer a stylish, inviting ambiance.

Round Dining Sets

Venture into Shawcross’s curated collection of round dining sets. Celebrating the warmth of shared meals and the allure of harmonious design, these tables become a centrepiece, drawing everyone into a circle of conversation and culinary delight. Round dining tables, with their curvature and fluidity, offer an intimate setting for close-knit gatherings, making every meal a cherished experience. Our selection masterfully fuses design with functionality, crafting dining spaces that radiate warmth and camaraderie.

Why Choose Shawcross for Your Round Dining Set?

At the heart of Shawcross lies a dedication to unparalleled artisanship, contemporary elegance, and the nuances of fine living. When you choose a dining set from us, you're choosing more than a table and chairs; you're selecting an embodiment of shared conversations, laughter, and meals that linger.

Round tables, with their egalitarian charm, ensure that every seat is the best seat. They naturally foster interaction, making everyone feel included. Every Shawcross round dining set exudes this ethos of inclusivity paired with British craftsmanship. Whether you’re in a compact urban flat or a spacious suburban home, our diverse range ensures there’s a fit for every space, every style.

Step into a world where meals are moments, and design dictates emotion. Browse Shawcross’s handpicked range of round dining sets, designed with precision, passion, and a promise of longevity. Let the unity of round tables redefine your dining experience. Begin this delightful journey by exploring our selection today.

Round Dining Sets FAQs

  • Why opt for a round dining set? 
    Round dining sets offer a unique blend of intimacy and functionality. Their design promotes easier conversation, making everyone at the table feel connected and engaged.
  • How many seats can a round table comfortably accommodate? 
    The seating capacity varies based on the diameter of the table. A standard round table for four would typically be about 90-120 cm in diameter. Larger tables can accommodate more, with some spanning up to 180 cm or more, seating eight or more guests.
  • How do I care for my round dining table? 
    The care routine would depend on the material of the table. However, general advice includes wiping it down with a soft cloth and avoiding abrasive materials. Specific care guidelines are provided based on the table’s material.
  • Is there a specific chair style recommended for round dining tables? 
    Round tables are quite versatile and pair well with various chair styles. Whether you opt for upholstered chairs, wooden designs, or minimalist modern chairs, the key is ensuring they complement the table's design and material.
  • Can I customise my round dining set to fit my interior décor? 
    Certainly. At Shawcross, we celebrate individual tastes. Engage with our team to explore customisation options, ensuring your round dining set seamlessly integrates into your home’s aesthetics.