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Glass Dining Sets

Discover the sleek sophistication of Shawcross's glass dining sets. Perfect for modern homes, these sets blend transparency with elegance for a chic look.

Glass Dining Sets

Step into the world of Shawcross's exquisite glass dining sets. Our glass dining sets seamlessly merge functionality with sophistication, presenting a suite of options that both enliven and elegantly simplify your dining experience. This FAQ offers advice on size, shape, durability, safety, and maintenance. Should you have any further questions, please call us on 0161 222 0360, or email us at, and we will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, check out our all of our dining sets. 

Why Choose Shawcross for Your Glass Dining Set?

Our glass dining sets encapsulate the essence of contemporary chic, providing both clarity and class to any dining room. We've always believed that the beauty of dining is not just in the meal but also in the ambience, and a glass table, with its reflective splendour, amplifies this experience.

With Shawcross, you're not just making a purchase; you're making a statement. From choosing the right number of seats to selecting the perfect shape, size, and design – our collections are sure to inspire you. Recognising that luxury should be attainable, we’ve devised a flexible pricing approach and payment plans to ensure every home can embrace the elegance it truly deserves.

Browse through our unparalleled range of glass dining sets, where contemporary design meets classic comfort. Begin your journey into opulent dining by exploring our selection today.

Glass Dining Sets FAQs

  • What makes glass dining sets a favourable choice? 
    Glass dining sets offer a blend of contemporary aesthetics and spatial illusion, making rooms appear larger and more open. Their versatile nature ensures they complement a plethora of interior styles.
  • How do I maintain the clarity of my glass dining table? 
    Regular cleaning with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth helps maintain its pristine clarity. Avoid using abrasive materials, and always use coasters or placemats to prevent scratching.
  • Are glass dining tables durable?
    Absolutely. Shawcross's glass dining tables are crafted from high-quality tempered glass, ensuring resilience against everyday wear and tear, whilst also being more resistant to breakage.
  • How do I decide on the right chairs for a glass table? 
    Glass tables offer a unique advantage – they pair well with almost any chair style. However, for a harmonious look, consider the base of the table. A metallic base might pair well with modern chairs, whilst a wooden base could align well with upholstered or wooden chairs.
  • Can I customise the tint or finish of my glass dining table? 
    Indeed. At Shawcross, we champion individuality. Speak to our team about customisation options to ensure your glass dining table perfectly mirrors your personal style.